Amazing awesome pictures of raindeers

Following living in Nepal and exploring Tibet and mountain ranges for more than a decade, photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami chose to go outside of Mongolia to signal travelers and their style of travel. Interesting life.

A researcher of Tibetan and Mongolian dialects who obtained his doctorate. From Harvard College in Sanskrit as well as from Tibetan studies, Sardar was only the correct person to capture the individuals of Dukha, the last traveling reindeer horses of Mongolia. The Dukha are an archaic gathering of people of the Turkish decay who depend on reindeer for their way of life.
Not with the standing evacuation pipe and also the cheddar, reindeers provide transportation to chasing. They are mounted to hunt wild elk and pork. So, take a look at the nomadic tribe right now. If you are looking for reindeer photography, you have come to the incredible blog.

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