Extremely cool pictures of kids around the world

Where sleeping children is a revolutionary project by digital photographer James Mollison who has a look at children from all over the world and the unique environments that they fall asleep.

The collection provides an image of each young person or teenager accompanied by a map of their rooms. While some have an abundance of goods and also an extravagant bed to rest their head at night, the photos reveal that some are not so lucky. Mollison gives an intimate view of these children, offering a sense of their way of life through their personal bedroom. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to even describe the room as oversleep as a room as there is no real bed. So, take a look at the kids around the world that you might need. If you are looking for the portrait of children, you have actually landed on the page of incredible article.

Northern Kenya, Lisamis (Nantio, Age 15)

Tokyo, Japan (Ryuta, Age 10)

Kentucky, USA (Joey, Age 11)

Wadi Abu Hindi, The West Bank (Bilal, Age 6)

Harlan County, USA (Alyssa, Age 8)

Amazonia, Brazil (Ahkohxet, Age 8)

Yunnan, China (Dong, Age 9)

Kathmandu, Nepal (Indira, Age 7)

Ivory Coast (Anonymous, Age 9)